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General Questions and Answers

  1. What is "multisport"?
  2. Why "multisport"?


1. What is "multisport"?

In general, multisport is the combination of any two or more sports. In recent common usage, "multisport" most often refers to duathlons (running and cycling) and triathlons (swimming, cycling and running). It can also refer to adventure racing, which frequently combines these sports with canoeing, rafting, orienteering, rock climbing, etc.

2. Why multisport?

Multisport in general, and duathlons and triathlons specifically, can offer a wider range of benefits than any of the component sports (i.e. swimming, cycling or running) by themselves.

  • Each sport works different muscle groups in different ways, which allows the other muscle groups to recover. For people seeking to increase their fitness, this allows greater fitness gains in less time with lower risk of injury.
  • Varied workouts keep away boredom - you are not always covering the same routes at the same speed, doing the same thing.
  • Reach higher levels of fitness with less wear and tear on any particular group of body parts. For example, while running is a great weight-bearing exercise, running can inflict a lot of stress on your legs - specifically your knees, ankles and feet. Adding cycling to your exercise regime gives you a way to improve your fitness yet greatly reduce the stress on your legs. Cycling is specially good for knees (provided that your bike is properly adjusted to your body) as it is non-weight-bearing and the repetitive pedaling motion help keep the knees limber and lubricated. In fact, cycling is frequently used as part of the rehabilitation process for knee injuries.


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