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I have been a life-long participant in sports, including running, basketball, softball, cycling, duathlons and triathlons. Knee surgery and rehabilitation in 1990 sparked my interest in exercise physiology and kinesiology. Initially this interest pertained to weight lifting and normal body motion. When I started cycling as part of my rehab, I expanded my research to include the study of mechanics and techniques for efficient cycling. Since then, I have gone on the learn and apply techniques for more efficient running and swimming. This combination of theoretical and practical knowledge has enabled me to participate in road cycling events, duathlons and triathlons. After almost 10 years of direct experience as an amateur athlete, Shaver MultiSport allows me to share my enthusiasm and knowledge with others.

Coaching Experience:

1990 to present – Self-coached for cycling

1998 to present – Self-coached for duathlons

Oct 2000 - Cambridge Biathlon, 3rd place 40-44 age group

2000 to present – Self-coached for triathlons

2000-2002 – Created training plans for friends and acquaintances

2003 – Started Shaver MultiSport as USAT Level 1 Certified coach

Education and Certifications:

Jan - Jun 2001 – Swim stroke improvement classes

Nov 2002 – CPR and first aid (with continuing certifications)

Jan 2003 – USAT Level 1 Coaching certification

Feb 2005 - USA Cycling Level 3 Coaching certification (originally called "Club Coach")

Nov 2005 - USA Cycling Level 2 Coaching Certification (originally called "Elite Coach")

Dec 2005 - USA Cycling "Power-Based Training" (certification pending)

Ongoing – Keep current on developments in training and nutrition through ongoing education (seminars, classes, etc.), books, trade magazines and medical journals.



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