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Why should I hire a coach?

  • Lets you concentrate on training

  • Frees up your time for family, hobbies, whatever...

  • Objective view on your training, fitness and performance

  • Wider range of experience

  • Keep up with the latest fitness and training research

  • Help you identify and correct small problems before they become "nagging" injuries (or worse)

  • What about the free training plans on the web? If you are a self-driven person, these can be a great resource. Some sites even give you hints on how to customize the plans to your individual fitness levels. However, having a coach takes the guess work out of customizing the training plan.

Basically, if you have limited time available to train, having a coach means you can spend that time training, not reading up on training techniques and developing your own plan.

However, not everyone needs to hire a coach. There are many self-coached people who do quite well on their own. They are perfectly satisfied with their current performance and fitness (and I mean this in a good way). But if you are looking to improve your fitness or increase your performance, having a personal coach is a quick and easy way reach your goals.


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