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Basic Coaching Plan:

Startup Fee: $75.00 pays for initial consultation (see below)

Monthly Fee: $150.00
for multi-sport athletes (duathletes and triathletes)
for single-sport athletes (runners, cyclists, swimmers)
3-month minimum, with discounts available for long-term contacts

Plan includes:

  • Initial Consultation – includes health and fitness assessment, basic nutritional assessment, discussion of your goals as well as lifestyle and/or family situation that may interact with your training (this is an in-person meeting if possible)

  • Training plans, provided on a monthly basis and updated as needed. Workouts are provided on-line with optional email reminders. Training Peaks account and access to all of their training-related features is optional.

  • Nutritional advice with referral to a certified sports nutritionist if desired

  • As-needed phone consultations and e-mails to discuss your progress and answer any questions

  • Detailed phone or in-person consultation once per month

We require a 3 month minimum commmitment, with a payment of half up front plus the startup fee, then the second half after 1 month (for the 3 month block). After the first 3 months, you will be billed on a monthly basis, with payment due at the beginning of the month. Note that for billing purposes, a "month" refers to the month anniversary of starting the coaching plan. For example, if you start on the 10th of the month, a "month" is the 10th of every month.

Satisfaction guaranteed:

If anytime during the first 20 days you are not completely satisfied with the coaching support that you receive from Shaver MultiSport, contact us in writing on or before the 20th day (e-mail followed up by a letter is acceptable). Shaver MultiSport then has up to 10 days to address your complaints. If, at the end of this 10 day period (i.e. 30 days after the start of the program), you are still not satisfied, Shaver MultiSport will terminate the coaching agreement and refund your initial payment (not including the startup fee).

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